Architectural Half Plate Glass Negatives

Lot of 10 different half-plate negatives (8 3/8" x 6 3/8") form a Southington Connecticut photographer who worked in town, C. 1910. This lot is generally of Colonial and Victorian houses, also a couple of farm houses, in the Southington CT area. They are all in very good condition, some may have scratches, minor loss and dirt. They are in the "Stanley Dry Plate, Eastman Kodak Co." box that they were found in, which in good condition and this one has the store label of "Paul Roessler's Son Optician Photographic Supplies, 816 Chapel St. New Haven, Conn." which is in the form of a camera lens.

Click on each negative to see a computer generated image of approximately what it would look like if it were printed. I have no actual prints of any of these negatives.

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