United American Mechanics Sword

39 1/8" overall in the scabbard, which appears to be nickel over brass and is etched-back to expose the brass around the UAM and stars. The fittings on the scabbard and on handle of the sword itself appear to be tarnished silver plate. The black wood handle is good with mild use and storage wear. The blade is generally good with spotty corrosion on the upper; most of the rust is towards the tip end, and more so on one side than on the other. I do not see a maker's mark on the blade; the owner's name on the blade is "P.A. Twigg". Etching on the blade is purely decorative with none of the usual legendary scenes, however this is made up for by the great patriotic American motifs on the handle and belt hangers. The scabbard is plain except for the decorated fittings; it is good with minor wear and no dents or bends. It has two complete belt chains with belt hangers hooks and decorated links; one measures 22" overall, the other measures 9 1/4" overall. There is a third that measures 4 1/2" from ring to ring but has no hook or belt hanger. This is all in as found condition and has not been cleaned up; I have no idea what condition the plating is in without polishing it but it appears to be strong; in general, there is nothing, broken, repaired or missing and it should all clean up quite well.

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