Ancient Order of Froth Blowers Handkerchief - 1926

17" x 17" printed black on white linen with images of the officer's badges and souvenir items, an incredibly rare item from the charitable beer drinking organization known as the Ancient Order of Froth Blowers. It has wrinkles and creases, and a hint of yellowing mostly limited to the areas of the stitched borders. Otherwise it is evenly off white in color, not gray or brownish as it may appear in the pictures.
There are some small areas of what appear to be fly spotting. Fraying is minimal: about 1/32" sq. on one edge, and two slightly larger than pencil point sized areas of the same near the center. There are no stains of consequence, it does have a light brown streak that can be seen on the left in the image of the Motor Mascot. The linen appears to be strong and stable; it has been soaked once in cold water with very mind detergent and has survived, the printing is still strong and there are no odors. All images and text printed on this handkerchief are shown. Please note that the pictures are not to scale.

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