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§ Masonic & Appendants §

Blue Lodge & Grand Lodge:

Tadmor Lodge F&AM;, Masonic Reverse Painting

Square & Compasses Marquetry Inlaid Panel

George Washington as a Freemason - Original Framed Print

Chicago Masonic Temple Souvenir Cup - C. 1910

Framed Masonic Certificate of the Third Degree, 1820

U.S. Masonic Sterling Pendant, Garfield Lodge, NYC

Hartford Bridge Final Stone, GLCT Souvenir Ribbon, 1908

Rising Sun Lodge No. 103, Anniversary Souvenir Badge, 1909

O.E.S. Hosted, 1905 Masonic Veterans Reunion Ribbon

Masonic Gutta Percha Collar Box

CT Grand Lodge 1889 Anniversary Medallion

Celluloid Pendant, CT Grand Master & MCF President

Chapter & Council:

Half Shekel - Orient Chapter No. 12, Racine Wis.

Chapter Penny - Colombia R.A. Chapter No. 91 Philad.

Chapter Penny - Paul Revere Chapter U.D.R.A.M., Chicago

Chapter Penny - Capitol City Chapter No. 224 R.A.M. Albany

Rittenhouse Chapter, Stamford CT, Centennial Ribbon, 1910

Cal. Grand Chapter Centennial, ‘54-‘55 Sterling Penny

Chapter Penny, Clay No. 112, Spencer Iowa

Chapter Penny, Logan No. 196, Chicago

Sterling Chapter Penny, Connaught No.9 R.A.M.

Commandery - Knights Templar:

New Haven Commandery No. 2, Enameled Jewel/Pendant

Commandery Order of the Red Cross Apron

Connecticut Grand Commandery Centennial Anniversary Badge

CT Grand Commandery Ribbon 1895

Ivanhoe Commandery Conclave Medal C. 1895

Rochester NY Commandery Medal 1909

Consistory - Scottish Rite:

Massachusetts Consistory 32° GF Officers or Parade Ribbon

32° 10th Reunion Tie Clip

Scottish Rite Cigarette Lighter, Cleveland 1959

Shrine & Grotto:

Court No. 141, R.O.J. Badge

Early Emir Grotto Fez

Sphinx Temple Fez - Directors Staff

Sphinx Temple Fez - Potentates Aide

Early Shrine Photo Paperweight

Tripoli Temple Souvenir Ribbon, Atlantic City 1904

Shrine Imperial Council Rep. Badge, Atlantic City 1904

El Jebel Temple 1906 Souvenir Badge

Al Malaikah Temple Souvenir Badge

Zaga-Zig Temple Souvenir Badge, Kansas City, 1901

Ararat Temple Souvenir Badge, Kansas City, 1901

14k Gold & Enamel Shrine Pin

Enameled Grotto Fez Badge

Shrine Water Set © 1907

Shrine Lodge OF Perfection Ribbon & Badge

Shrine Picture Frame, MOP & RP

Adoptive Rite - Eastern Star & Amaranth:

Tadmor Chapter, Eastern Star Reverse Painting

Eastern Star Presentation Gavel, 1935

Eastern Star Pinback 1903

Grand Chapter O.E.S. New Jersey 1927 Delegate Badge

DeMolay & Rainbow:

DeMolay Junior or Senior Councilor Jewel

Vintage Order of DeMolay Merit Bar x11

§ Other Fraternal Orders & Societies §

Benevolent Protective Order of Elks:

B.P.O.E. 10K Life Member Lapel Pin

B.P.O.E. Brass & Enameled Slide Chain Tie-Bar

Fraternal Order of Eagles:

Eagles Memorial Foundation Brass Medallion

Independent Order of Odd Fellows:

Odd Fellows Enameled Pair

Odd Fellows/Rebecca's Rhinestone & Enameled Pin

Odd Fellows GF Pendant/Charm

Odd Fellows Officer Jewell

I.O.O.F. Grand Lodge of CT, 50th Anniversary Ribbon w/Nutmeg

I.O.O.F. Grand Lodge Ribbon, New Haven CT - 1912

I.O.O.F. Past Grand Officers Print, 1919-1929

Sovereign Grand Lodge I.O.O.F., 1906 Souvenir Ribbon

Odd Fellows Brass & Enameled Watch Fob

Odd Fellows Past Grand Officer's Jewel

Odd Fellows Parade/Memorial Ribbon, New York

Odd Fellows Parade/Memorial Ribbon, New York

Odd Fellows Parade/Memorial Ribbon, New York

Patriarchs Militant I.O.O.F. Coat Button

19th Century Odd Fellows Coat Button

Knights of Pythias:

Collection Of Five 19th Century K.of P. Buttons

Knights of Pythias Member Badge C. 1910

Knights of Pythias Treasures Jewel

Grange, Patrons of Husbandry:

Grange 1921 Convention Souvenir Bronze Medal

Wethersfield Grange No. 114 - Past Master's Jewell

Knights of the Maccabees:

Rare & Unusual - Maccabees Goat Ride Cufflinks

K.O.T.M. Coat & Collar Buttons!

Knights of the Maccabees Ribbon, New York

Knights of the Maccabees Medal, Michigan

Knights of the Maccabees Ribbon, Indiana

Improved Order of Redmen -&- U.O.R.M.:

Out of Stock

Woodsmen & Foresters:

Woodsmen of the World Bronze Watch Fob

Modern Woodmen of America GF & Enameled Sash Buckle

MOP Woodsmen’s Axe Pin

I.O.F. Parade/Memorial Ribbon, Connecticut

Knights of the Golden Eagle:

Knights of the Golden Eagle Parade Ribbon

Knights of the Golden Eagle, Noble Chief's Hat

United American Mechanics:

United American Mechanics Sword

Jr. O.U.A.M. Tumbler, Louisville KY, 1916

J.R.O.U.A.M. Annual Session, Souvenir Ribbon, 1901

J.R.O.U.A.M. State Convention Rep. Ribbon, 1908

J.O.U.A.M. Celluloid Pinback Button

J.R.O.U.A.M. Delegate Badge, 1909

J.R.O.U.A.M. Souvenir Ribbon Hanger

Greek Letter Fraternity:

Pi Sigma Roe, Electrical Fraternity Mug

Other Youth Groups:

Juvenile Temple Badge

4H Pin, Sterling & Enamel, Fourth, Maine

Enameled YMCA, "HI-Y" Secretaries Tie Tack


Ancient Order of Froth Blowers Handkerchief - 1926

I.O.G.T. Parade Ribbon NM

Royal Neighbors of America Parade Ribbon

KKK Initiation Paddle, 1937

I.O. of G.T. Presentation Ashlar, 1883

Sisters Of The Federation, Delegate Ribbon 1935

Unknown Grand Lodge 25th Anniversary Medal, 1939

Certificate Of The Washington Knights, 1856

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